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Long Con Podcast

Jan 29, 2020

Chelsea and Jachelle talk about The Good Place, Parks & Rec and the many connections to the show, Schitt's Creek, Hadestown, and all sorts of things that really do tie into this show, promise! 

Jan 16, 2020

Chelsea and Jachelle are back with The Good Place and there are only a few episodes left. We love confident Chidi and Timothy Olyphant. There are some references to the Witcher's famous "Toss a Coin" song. PS: Chelsea did listen to Gummi Bear after this and only lasted ten seconds before turning it off.

Jan 6, 2020

Chelsea and Jachelle discuss the movie Knives Out by Rian Johnson and spoiler alert we loved it! Also spoiler alert because we literally spoil everything. Like the rest of the world, we want to talk about Chris Evans in a sweater.